A few words about my journey with Poets of the Fall

Poets of the Fall – Stay Forever (The Official Music Video)

Hey you all!

It was the year 2005. It started like any other year, but turned into an emotional rollercoaster, for various reasons, with Poets of the Fall’s debut album, Signs of Life, serving as the soundtrack. 

I remember wandering the streets in pouring rain and falling leaves, a portable music player armed with Late Goodbye and other classics in my pocket, feeling like a brokenhearted Bogart from film noir. 

Ever since those days the music by Poets of the Fall has been an endless source of inspiration for me as a filmmaker, as a storyteller and as human.

Quite unexpectedly I got to revisit the album last fall as we began pre-production on the music video for Stay, the sixth track on Signs of Life. Hearing just that one song brought it all back to me. The people, the moments, all of it, even after sixteen years. That is the power of music.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of you, the beautiful people around the world, who have supported me on this journey for the past four years that I’ve got to work with the band I love. This is just stating the obvious, but you’re the most caring and the most passionate fans out there. And thank you to the members of Poets of the Fall for the music, friendship and memories.

Miika Hakala

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